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Eyewear Designer, David Abramovici, has been wearing glasses since he was a kid. No one is a stranger to the stigma associated with wearing glasses. David wanted to reinvent the way we look and feel about our eyewear.


That is why David launched Vicci Eyewear 5 years ago. He knew that more than 40% of young people need corrective lenses - and most of them are stuck with dull or generic frames.

Your glasses don’t have to be boring or unflattering. Vicci Eyewear is a fresh brand for young and not-so-young people who want to accessorize their eyes with great quality frames that suit their style.

The first thing you will notice about Vicci Eyewear is the variety. Choose from a selection of frames that vary in style from colorful and unique to simple but stylish. The glasses are affordable but also offer superior quality both in the frame and the lenses. Get lenses that are ideal for your needs. Select which type of prescription style you need along with Anti Reflect & Anti Scratch and transition options.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. Vicci Eyewear offers you the best of classic designs, mixed with modern flair and bold style.


Our optical lenses have big personality and are designed under diversity, innovation and quality standards. We are the most recognized brand among thousand of tourists that visit Miami every day.


Our brand can be found in 3 of the most visited South Florida Shopping Malls: The Dolphin Mall, The Dadeland Mall And The Sawgrass Mills Mall.

Ready to rock your lenses? Get elegant eyewear for your lifestyle. Accessorize your eyes with Vicci Eyewear.


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